Attainable Housing

Shelter For All 

We are currently living in a housing crisis.

Cobourg is currently grappling with a pressing housing crisis, particularly in the rental sector, where we are witnessing a troubling decline in available units. While affordable housing is crucial, the immediate need for attainable housing must be addressed. Our community requires accessible shelter urgently, rather than waiting months or even years to construct new apartment complexes and houses.

Unfortunately, resources for access to shelter are scarce in our area. Emergency shelter and transitional housing options need to be improved, and affordable rental rates with available legal units are virtually nonexistent. This dire situation has resulted in the loss of residents who simply cannot afford to live in our area. Even tenants paying "below market value rent" are being evicted from their homes.

As someone who currently rents their home and has been involved in the rental market since returning to Cobourg in 2011, I have witnessed drastic changes over the past decade. Rents have skyrocketed while the availability of rentals has plummeted. We find ourselves in a community with an uncertain and unstable housing situation. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Cobourg is around $2000 monthly, excluding utilities. This is clearly unsustainable for a community with a significant workforce earning minimum wage on part-time hours.

This severe issue requires constructive and decisive action. We must ensure everyone who wishes to live and thrive in Cobourg can do so, regardless of socioeconomic status. As a rural community, Cobourg must become an attainable place to live, not limited to those who can afford to spend 30% of their gross income on rent.

To address this crisis, my goals for attainable housing include the availability of emergency and transitional housing alongside the implementation of programs designed to assist individuals facing precarious living situations. Additionally, exploring the viability of modular housing as a more expedient building alternative is vital. 

Municipalities are crucial in tackling this urgent housing issue by implementing appropriate policies and initiatives.

Attainable Housing for All.