Local Climate Action Now

Municipalities play a crucial role in confronting the challenges of climate change head-on. They are responsible for fostering resilience, safeguarding communities from climate-related events, and upholding their longstanding commitment to preserving public health and the environment, notably through effective water stewardship. These issues demand proactive disaster mitigation strategies to shape a secure future.

Taking proactive action by considering future climate impacts is paramount for communities. As global temperatures continue to rise over the coming decades, unprecedented changes in weather patterns, such as perilous heatwaves, intense storms, and floods, are anticipated.

Considering Cobourg's infrastructure, it becomes crucial to assess its resilience. How many tornado warnings did our area experience last spring and summer? Are we adequately prepared to handle the catastrophic aftermath caused by a tornado, severe storm, or flooding?

To echo NASA's authoritative statement, "The consequences of human-induced global warming are already manifesting, their effects are irreversible within the context of our lifetime, and they will deteriorate in the years ahead." This makes it easy for us to address these critical issues quickly and effectively.

We need to address local environmental issues. 

We need to conserve the environment we have.

We need to protect the earth for future generations.

We need Local Climate Action Now.