Graphic Design

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Inspirational Cat Poster 2023

A fundraising art project in which I use photos of my disabled cat to spread awareness of adopting and not shopping for kitties, as well as the benefits of adopting disabled pets. Proceeds go to various animal charities.

Plant Care Advertisement Flyer 2023 

A flyer design request for a landscaping company that is offering services on plant care.

Empty Bowls Annual Event Poster 2023

Empty Bowls is an annual fundraising event for The Help and Legal Centre of Northumberland. This is the poster for the 2023 event.

Empty Bowls Annual Event Tickets 2023

Double-sided tickets for the annual Empty Bowls 2023 event.

I Love You A Latte Greeting Card 2022

Featuring my own latte art design skills as well as photography skills.

Landscaping Company Services Offered 2022

Facebook graphic advertisement for a landscaping company client that prefers minimalistic design.

In Memory of Doug Lloyd 2022

Special commemorative tribute for Doug Lloyd, local resident and past founding member of The Help and Legal Centre of Northumberland.
Designed for the annual golf tournament fundraiser.

Brenda Sullivan Artist Feature 2022

A feature on Brenda Sullivan, one of the potters who routinely contributes the handmade bowls for the Empty Bowls event. Her backstory as an artist is fascinating.