Grant Writing

Unlock the power of funding with
the art of persuasive grant writing

I have successfully secured over $200,000 in grant funding for a recent client, which is excluding the grants that are still pending. In just six months, I have written and submitted more than 15 grant applications, achieving a high success rate, including three applications granted in one week. 

With this track record, I am excited to bring my dedication and expertise to your small business or charity. I specialize in developing innovative projects that enhance community engagement and contribute to fundraising goals. I offer comprehensive services such as research, proposal writing, strategic planning, and project management. 

With my background in donation management and marketing, I excel in cultivating donor relationships, organizing successful fundraising events, and leveraging digital platforms for online donations. By working closely with local businesses and community organizations, my goal is to forge valuable partnerships and strengthen leadership positions in the industry.

With my skills and experience, working with me can achieve impactful results and make a positive difference in the community. 

Contact me today to collaborate on resourceful and creative projects to advance your business or organization’s mission and vision.